What do we do?

selltheboat.co.uk provides boat owners with a personalized, high quality website to showcase their vessel and attract buyers. Boat listing marketplaces tend to be filled with poorly presented and often outdated listings leaving potential buyers frustrated.

Many buyers know what type of boat they would like and often search for a specific make or model. A private website allows sellers to showcase their boat with a high level of detail whilst avoiding often significant brokerage commissions. Having a dedicated website allows sellers to promote their vessel in a variety of ways including owners forums & social media.

selltheboat.co.uk offers a fixed fee service to produce a unique, high quality website with a custom domain name. Our websites offer full unlimited photo and video galleries and the ability to include detailed inventories and descriptions. After all, an owner knows his boat far better than anyone else!

Our websites are run on the established WordPress platform and are inherently optimized for search engine optimization helping sellers to find your listing.

selltheboat.co.uk will look up specific model information and prefill as much information as possible saving sellers valuable time.