Transformation / TF

Transformation / TF

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Transformation, or TF, is really a form of fetish featuring a character developing, or “transforming” from their particular types into an animal or an object that is inanimate. This fetish is most typical in furries and cartoon fans. TF art is normally used a sequence or even a comic, showing the phases of a change, although a single-pane mid-transformation photo is additionally typical.



The notion of transformation has existed for hundreds of years, and will return back so far as the tales of skin-walkers in native legends that are american the Selkies in Northwestern Europe mythology. The thought of lycanthropy and vampires additionally contributed to your origins of transformation, since did tales that are fairy the Frog Prince. Today, different cartoons and movies for the 1980’s and 1990’s like Street Sharks, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Rock-a-Doodle and a united states Wolf in London played a good aspect in the growth of this TF fandom that is internet-age.

The earliest acknowledged transformation-related site is the Transformation Story Archive 1 which is made by Thomas Hassan in 1995 2 to archive amateur TF work. From 1996 to 2001, the 54-part kid’s book series Animorphs, authored by K.A. Applegate ended up being posted, inspiring further development in the fanbase and it is understood by numerous given that basis for joining the fandom.

TG/gender change

A favorite variation of TF is Transgender (frequently abbreviated as TG), involving a change of intercourse modification, often male to feminine. Continue reading “Transformation / TF”